We Need More Leads!

December 08, 2022

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You have them... In your 1st party data

When Sales says “We need more leads!” What they really mean is:

“We need more prospects to hit the Demo Request or Contact Us button.

Why does Sales value these leads so much?

Because the SO WHAT and the NOW WHAT are perfectly clear.

The SO WHAT is: this prospect is interested in speaking with me.

The NOW WHAT is: I need to call them now.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the intent signals that Marketing generates are of UNKNOWN intent: eBook downloads, webinar registrations, page visits.

The problem is, the SO WHAT and THE NOW WHAT are not obvious.  Sales needs to burn calories to figure it out.

So they most often don’t.

And rich, valuable intent signals from known prospects go untouched.

Marketers: Want to win friends and influence Sales in 2023?  Help them separate the signal from the noise

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