1st Party Data is More Important than Ever

December 08, 2022

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Monetize the customer data you earned, payed for, and is proprietary to your business

3rd Party data has been all the rage of late.  Dark Funnel.  Dark Social.  All great stuff.

Not enough attention is being paid to 1st Party data.

With budgets under scrutiny, here’s why your KNOWN 1st Party customer data matters more than ever:

💪 It’s Earned. The quality of your content, campaigns, events, and product captured these valuable contact records.

💵 It’s Paid for.  This data cost you real money to obtain (writing, editing, campaigns, paid marketing).

🔒 It’s Proprietary.  Your known contacts + the intent signals they share are known only to you.  It’s a competitive superpower.

And lastly…

📽️. It’s Growing and dynamic.  A significant percentage of these records are former clients, former prospects, current prospects, and repeat visitors.  Buyers who are attracted by what you offer and keep returning for more.

First party data is known gold.  Get out your shovel and start digging.  ⛏️

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